DECID: Building of the future 2020 and Foresight laboratory for sustainable construction

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DECIDDECID (“Développement d’un Ensemble Constructif innovant et Durable”) is a research project integrating different competences of relevant stakeholders in the sustainable construction sector in Luxembourg. It aims at designing the “building of the future” for the horizon 2020, which will be multi-functional, cost efficient, and using innovative and rational technologies.

The project has a double objective: to become the technological innovation pole for sustainable construction in Luxembourg and to disseminate all available information on the sector among national stakeholders; and to support all enterprises wanting to innovate in the sustainable construction sector.

The partners of the project are the Training institute of the Building Sector (IFSB) in Luxembourg; CEDEC; and Cimalux, private enterprise specialising in cements and materials.

The project will also serve as an educational example for IFSB students and to other interested stakeholders in the sustainable construction sector. The 600m2 of the “laboratory” will have two functions, one residential, and the other professional, designed for providing specialised services.



  • Eco-construction and sustainable construction are strategic priorities of the Luxembourgish government;
  • Necessity of the sector to evolve and innovate;
  • EU objective of achieving zero-emissions buildings in the 2020 horizon


  • Risk of low take up
  • Creating dependence on funding and growth from project partners

Sustainability effects

DECID is one of the 24th projects supported by the NEOBUILD, the sustainable building and sustainable training platform for sustainable construction in Luxembourg.

The partnership is expected to evolve over time, by creating synergies with specialised research centres. Additionally, it is expected that the research stemming from this project will be used in the Sustainable Research Project Schmelz.

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