Laser application in control of environmental pollution

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Researchers of the leading Lithuanian laser company Ekspla have developed laser-based on-line detection instruments to determine concentration of dioxines and PCBs in processed gas. The instruments have been used by waste incineration companies to optimise waste incineration processes and reduce emissions of harmful substances to the environment. The instruments allow achieving a substantial advance in the detection time of harmful substances. Ekspla has also developed a laser fluorescence lidar for the detection of oil slicks and autonomous oil spill warning in harbours, terminals and coastal shipping routes.


EKSPLA is ISO9001 certified manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and laser components for R&D and industrial applications. Since its beginning, the company has aimed at production of high performance advanced solutions.

Sustainability effects

The application of laser mass spectrometry improves safety management of processed gas and the work environment at waste disposal plants, and allows reducing pollution of the environment. The timely detection of an oil accidents helps to reduce environmental and economic damages as due to continuous control and rapid response the spreading of oil slicks can be prevented.

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