Development and manufacture of smart electronic electricity meters (Eco design project)

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elgamaCompany Elgama-Electronika develops and manufacturers smart electronic electricity meters. The company applies eco-design as a systematic incorporation of environmental aspects into product design and development. Eco-design offers solutions in minimizing the environmental impact along the entire life-cycle of a product (electricity meter). The eco-design approach has promoted the implementation of the following sustainability ideas: marking of plastics in accordance with ISO 11469, reduction of dimensions of the product, elimination of internal interconnecting wires by expanded use of SMD (surface mounted devices) technology, elimination of electromagnetic shielding, use of lead-free soldering, etc.


Barriers are tenders for electricity meters do not really take into account environmental aspects during the entire life-cycle of the product; there is more demand for cost-effective products, rather than for environmentally-friendly products.

Drivers are improvement of company image; expanded Producer Responsibility (Directives 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS), 2005/32/EC establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-using products (EuP).


The eco-design project of smart electricity meters has resulted in some major changes in the construction of the meter, which has allowed minimizing the environmental impact by 2.7 times in Ecoindicator99 points (from 1,159 to 423). In addition to the positive impact of the smart electricity meter on the environment by its generic application, enabling reduction of energy usage, the implementation of eco-design ideas also influences other types of interaction of electronic production and the environment, such as minimizing pollution by used electronic products and reducing pollution by toxic materials. Moreover, integration of eco-design into product development is beneficial to the company, not just to the environment.

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